Tasks of ODR consultation and pilot

Principle task of the first phase of the pilot is a consultation on the following issues:

  1. Review and discussion of the proposed functions of the cross-border ODR infrastructure and principles of the common technology neutral protocol representing technology requirements on ODR providers;
  2. Discussion and finalization of the draft ODR communication standard (ECRI);
  3. How best to ensure that necessary specifications and databases of the future cross-border ODR system are publicly owned, accessible and secure;
  4. Discussions and proposals regarding enforcement options of the future ODR awards.

Several discussion documents will be distributed to the participants starting in mid January 2012 for comments. All comments will be shared and discussed. Later specific working groups might be established to discuss particular issues. For related documents, see [Pilot Documents]. Results of the consultation will be presented on this website and during the next UNCITRAL WG III meeting in November 2012.

Consultation and pilot participants

Participants include the following entities:

Canada: Trident Mediation Counseling and Support Foundation;
Croatia: Faculty of Law, Zagreb University;
Czech Republic: ADR.EU, Czech Arbitration Court; ODR EXCHANGE;
Germany: Steinbeis Beratungszentrum Wirtschaftsmediation
Hong Kong: Prof Martin Doris (Faculty of Law, Chinese University of Hong Kong)
Hungary: Széchenyi István University;
India: Taneja law firm
Ireland: ECC Ireland;
Japan: ODR Room Network INC.
Korea: Korea Internet Address Dispute Resolution Committe (KIDRC), Korea E-Commerce Dispute Resolution Committee, Korea Consumer Agency;
Latin America: Instituto Latinoamericano de Comercio Electrónico - ILCE;
Sweden: Konsument Europa/ECC Sweden;
Thailand: Electronic Transactions Development Agency (ETDA);
The Netherlands: Europees Consumenten Centrum (Dutch ECC), Juripax;
UK: UK European Consumer Center (UK ECC); 
USA: BBB; Modria; Ethan Katsh; University of Pittsburgh School of Law; Institute of Commercial Law of the Penn State Dickinson School of Law

Are you interested to actively participate in the consultation and pilot?  Send an email to Zbynek Loebl at: [email protected].