Cross-border resolution system will only be possible if there is a complementary system enabling the various resolution end-points (e.g. government agencies, buyers and sellers, online dispute resolution service providers, entities involved in enforcing judgments  etc.) to exchange information in real time in multiple languages. ODR EXCHANGE will provide such necessary ODR backbone functionality.

ODR Exchange will not handle cases and will not market itself to online buyers and sellers. Instead, ODR EXCHANGE will service the implementations of the ODR  Exchange by ADR/ODR providers, existing and new online trust marks, consumer centers etc.

Customers of ODR EXCHANGE will receive:

  • ready to be implemented cross-border ODR solution provided as a white-label service (SAAS);
  • data switching system enabling smooth and secure cross-border communication of ODR data;
  • updated specifications, including communication standard and technology protocol;
  • maintenance of central databases; and
  • training, consulting and implementation services.

Customers of ODR EXCHANGE will:

  • localize the communication standard and ODR Rules into their languages; and
  • promote implementations of ODR EXCHANGE to online buyers and sellers in their respective countries or regions under their logos and marks.

Our Potential Future Customers include:

  • ADR/ODR providers;
  • consumer centers;
  • trustmark programs;
  • consumer protection regulators;
  • developers of ODR applications; and
  • mobile operators in relation to mobile commerce disputes, not only cross-border but also domestic.

We expect launching ODR EXCHANGE into live operation in October 2012.

Our Team

Our team includes leading ODR practitioners worldwide led by Zbynek Loebl (former founder and external general counsel of ADR.EU (www.adr.eu).

After long discussions, ODR EXCHANGE is in the process of being established as a private company. The reason is to get funding necessary for the development of the ODR infrastructure. ODR EXCHANGE will be transparent, open to competition and will not own any specifications or databases. All the standards and specifications will be published and all the data contained in the necessary central databases will be owned and controlled by the respective customers of ODR EXCHANGE – ODR providers, consumer centers and trustmark programmes.

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